MEDIA BIRD strives to unite and inspire audiences by creating unique, visual stories, while maintaining the highest standards in quality.

Creativity is the crux of Media Bird. We are filmmakers at heart and we are always searching for new and exciting ways to connect with people.  You never know when you'll find the next effective idea, so our team is always on the lookout.

Our clients are our partners and we value your input.  We work closely with you through the entire lifespan of a project to ensure your needs are met and your vision realized.

Unlike many production companies, we don't outsource any of the creative or production process.  The team that works on your project is responsible for all the components of your video - from conception through delivery.  This ensures consistency through the entire process.


Joe Gasparik

Joe is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and co-founder of Media Bird. His passion for music, film and sound has resulted in screenings of his work at numerous film festivals around the world, showcasing his talents as a producer, director, editor, composer and sound designer.


Aaron Landman

Aaron's study of visual art and photography led him to a career in film production that began in the mid 90's. His keen eye for aesthetics and storytelling led him to shoot many commercials and short films before co-founding Media Bird. His work has been seen at various film festivals around the world.  Aaron is an alumnus of the American Film Institute's Cinematography Department.

Video has the ability to establish a mood, evoke emotion and portray a story.  It can be widely shared but individually experienced. Today, there is an online demand for concise and engaging content.  Media Bird exists to create video experiences for businesses and brands who want to establish meaningful relationships with their audiences. 

Media Bird offers an array of services that include (but are not limited to) mini-documentaries, micro-documentaries, short films, commercials, case study videos, corporate videos, Instagram videos, Vines, Yelp videos, and anything else you can dream up.